25 Tips for Job Search Success

  1. Even if you aren’t currently working, create business cards to give out at networking events
  2. Continually update your resume in order to remember accomplishments and duties at your present job or volunteer position
  3. Visit the location of your interview the day before in order to make sure that you know where it is and won’t be late
  4. If you get nervous during interviews, ask for a glass of water and drink occasionally during the interview to help you stay calm
  5. Practice interview questions in front of a mirror
  6. It is OK to be nervous during an interview, but if you prepare in advance you will feel less nervous
  7. Volunteer to gain Canadian work experience
  8. Include education even if it is not relevant to the job because you should be proud of that accomplishment
  9. At job fairs, always ask for the person’s business card in order to follow up on your application with them directly
  10. Find a Mentor to give you Industry specific knowledge
  11. Make sure you have voice mail set up on your phone, so employers are able to leave a message regarding a job
  12. Do not exaggerate or lie on your resume because employers may do some research on you and find out
  13. To find out what education you may need for a specific job, research job postings in the internet
  14. Do not use a Hotmail email address as this gives employers the impression that you are not professional
  15. Volunteer in order to get a Canadian reference that you can use when applying for jobs
  16. Try and set up one informational interview every month
  17. Treat a job fair like an interview and dress appropriately
  18. Have someone else review your resume and cover letter
  19. Treat every interview as a learning experience and accept feedback as constructive criticism
  20. Join relevant associations and community groups for networking opportunities
  21. Take advantage of free workshops for job search, career exploration, resume writing, interview preparation, and networking
  22. Make a goal to send out at least one resume a day while looking for work
  23. Join online networks such as LinkedIn in order to widen your reach of contacts
  24. Be proud of all your accomplishments
  25. Stay positive and never give up trying to reach all your goals in life