An insight to Being a Newcomer

There are not enough words to describe the struggle and the confusion of a newcomer; the impact of the experience one has during their first few days creates the image of a glooming and depressing reality. And, when this cruel reality kicks in, it knocks down the wonderful expectations carried from the home country, expectations that represent the motivator of the major decision of immigrating.

Elements from all aspects of life seem to suffer a nasty transformation; the mere interaction with other people, the weather, the finances, the housing, the food, the language, the community, the spirituality, the transportation, the health matters, the children’s needs, the basic needs, which all generate a continuous frustration. There doesn’t seem to exist a way of gaining that longed-for, desired feeling of comfort and stability.

All these are signs that a change is needed. And the change is a transformation that hurts because it requires and forces us to step out of our comfort zone and to grow. And, knowing what Cardinal Newman said, “To grow is to change, and to have changed often is to have grown enough” - we have to ask ourselves if we are open and ready for this transformation.

Ask yourself: coming to this realization, what is it that one needs to do? How can one get out from the state of confusion and uncertainty so that the path towards light can be found?

Before the arrival, you anticipated that there is it a light at the end of the tunnel and this represents a major advantage. Then, it was the moment of stumbling. This is the very time to ask and search for information, to listen to others’ suggestions but practice your own judgment, and to ask for specialized advice. Also, it is the time to be observant, involved and creative. Clearly, this is the time to Reinvent Yourself. That is, to reshape your mentality while belonging to a new culture, to notice that you have grown a bit, and to embrace the sprouts of the dream that brought you here to the land of opportunities.

So, roll up your sleeves and create a list of places where pertinent information is available; search for libraries, employment agencies, professional associations, educational institutions, or community centres, and be thorough in your research. Then, analyze all the information and process the most important parts so that clear progress towards achievement can be made. Remember that support is available in various forms, so always ask for it because you won’t be turned away. And also remember that “Success is a journey and not a destination”.