Client Reflection on Job Hunting

Passive Job Hunting:

  • Waiting for a job offer
  • Submit resumes to job vacancies & waiting for a call from employers

I admit being dependent on advertised jobs while job searching.

Before, I would always cut out job postings from the classified ads in the newspapers.  I had too much pride to rely on referrals.  My relationships are very important to me so I chose not to mix my friendships with business.  I was afraid of failure and thought it might jeopardize my existing friendships.

I was scared of rejection and feared they would not accommodate my request for a job referral.  There would be an added pressure and my understanding was that that my job performance would affect my personal relationships.

I had a real confidence issue on my part and felt a lot of negativity.  I strongly believed that it is more impressive to not be referred by a friend or relative for a job.

I believed this until I noticed that I was not being shortlisted.  I noticed that my resume was under a big pile of other applications.  I could not imagine how the employer could read all of them.  There was a lot of competition.

It was only approximately seven years ago that I started to apply for jobs on the internet and had better results because:

  • There was less competition
  • Not everyone used the internet for job search
  • Only the large companies used the internet to advertise their job openings
  • Applying online proved computer literacy

Today this is not true

  • Everybody is computer literate
  • Everyone is job searching online
  • There are several fake job postings on the internet
  • Technical problems are frequent with online application

I believe that because of the hiring process and my passive job search I had setbacks.  My income was minimal; there was not much room for salary negotiation; job responsibilities are at a lower level when compared to those who were referred for the job by others or promoted from within; and finally I felt I could handle many of the projects more effectively.

The problem became more severe when I arrived in Canada as a new resident and did not know where to start.

Active Job Hunting

Employment Counsellors at Skills Connect gave me a break through.  They told me that only 20% of jobs are advertised.  I can testify that this information is true.  I verified this fact myself by doing informational interviews.

I did informational interviews by asking the proper questions:

What are the day to day duties of the job?

How does one become qualified for the job?

How often do you fill these types of positions?

I was surprised that 7 out of the 8 employers I spoke with would consider hiring.  Imagine 7 of 8 are just trying to cope with present manpower and do not have the time to recruit or sort through resumes.

I got two part time jobs, both located across the street from where I lived.  I was working 60-70 hours per week.  I now work at my present job on a full time basis.