Don’t forget the Thank You!

Within 2 business days after an interview, you should be sending a Thank You Letter/Email/Card to the individual(s) who interviewed you to express your appreciation for the opportunity.


  1. The purpose for sending this message to the interviewer is to express your interest in the role and to thank them for their time. It also acts as a reminder for the interviewer to remember who you are. Choosing the method of delivering this message (i.e. email, letter or card) is completely your choice, BUT it is important to remind the interviewer that you are still interested in the role.
  2. Often when individuals reflect on their performance after an interview, we may notice that we have forgotten to mention something important (i.e. skill, strength, experience etc.) that could potentially assist you in securing the role. Thus the second purpose for sending a Thank You is to address any gaps or information you may have missed telling the interviewer during the interview.


  • If you are writing a letter, ensure that it is in business format
  • If you are writing a card, ensure you have enough space to express your thoughts without overcrowding the card. Try using a card that is blank on the inside and possibly just a “thank you” or scenic picture on the outside.
  • If you are writing an email, ensure that you are using formal language and a correct business email format

 What to include:

  • Mention the position you were interviewed for, along with the date and by whom
  • Mention something that stood out to you during the interview, whether it was something they mentioned or something you noticed about their work environment.
  • If you missed on stating an important fact, take some space to mention it now, however do not let this overpower your message
  • Say thank you for the opportunity
  • Express your interest in the role and working for their company


  • If you were interviewed by more than one individual, send an individualized response to each
  • Make sure it is error-free and proofread by another individual before sending it
  • Do not send a thank you immediately after the interview,take some time to reflect on the interview before sending a thank you message
  • Be creative and include information that makes the letter personal to your experience and not generic
  • If you are having difficulties with creating a Thank You message, please consult your Employment Counsellor for guidance