becomes Skills Connect for Immigrants

There are some changes going on. ArriveBC has now become Skills Connect for Immigrants Program.

SkillsConnect is a Skills Connect program, funded by the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, and jointly offered by Back in Motion and MOSAIC. SkillsConnect aims to help skilled immigrants move more quickly into jobs that match their experience and background. We specialize in helping immigrants prepare for and obtain employment in the construction, transportation, and health sectors.

SkillsConnect offers career assessment and planning services, access to courses and certification, workplace practice opportunities, and job placements.  Many immigrants have skills in occupations where there are shortages, but face challenges in navigating a complex labour market entry system, language barriers, difficulty getting their credentials recognized, and lack of employment networks. SkillsConnect will address all of these issues and more. We provide immigrants with the resources, support, and expertise they require to attain their career goal in B.C.

It is expected that the B.C. Skills Connect Program will help over 5,000 immigrants obtain employment in areas related to their skills and qualifications. SkillsConnect will work with almost 1400 of those clients. Both Back in Motion and MOSAIC are very experienced in helping people find meaningful work.

Since 1992, Back in Motion has been providing innovative solutions to job seekers, employees, employers, and program funders. Our 60 employees and contractors deliver assessment, pre-employment, and vocational rehabilitation programs and services throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Back in Motion has helped over 6,000 clients regain their quality of life.

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