The Best Time to Job Seach is Now!

Happy 2011 Readers

January 10th is the beginning of one of the best 2 weeks of the year to be looking for work. 

Why is this?  Well employers have been putting off making hiring decisions until after the holidays.  So since the third week in November they have sat on posting new hires or advertising for positions.  Now the hold has come off and they are looking to post, interview and hire.  So keep your eyes open when looking at those companies you have identified as the ones you are going after.  

If your job search is not getting results, let’s try something that does: 

This from a Saturday January 8th, 2011 Globe and Mail article in the Report on Business Section written by Marvin Walberg. 

“If your main thrust in your job hunt is to respond to advertised job openings and postings on the internet, you may be spinning your wheels. …Over and over again, job search specialists say networking and personal contact with prospective employers is the key to finding your next job. “

I say “Do what others fail to do”

 Be at the place where employers are looking. 

If employers are spending 80% of their resources hiring present employee referrals.  Then you want to identify a company where you want to work and who need someone with your skill set and experience.  Make contact with owners, managers and department heads.  Don’t worry about weather they have any openings and skip the HR department for the moment.  Make a good impression and you’ll meet with HR in good time. 

Client Story: A recent Canadian newcomer got an interview when his wife talked to some of her classmates at a prenatal class.  One person had connections with an electronic manufacturing firm.  He followed up and after a few interviews he landed his first Canadian job, a financial/technical position with an electronics manufacturing firm.   He got the job by networking. 

Develop an “Elevator Pitch” describing clearly and briefly what you want.  Network, and broadcast your speech to everyone you meet including your family, friends and neighbours. 

Client Story: A client attended a professional development workshop and discussed his situation with a previously unknown colleague sitting next to him.  She mentioned a need in her office.  She contacted her manager and two days later he had an interview.  The next day he was hired pending the outcome of reference checks.  The client was a medical professional.  

Don’t avoid advertised job openings and internet postings but focus on personal contact if an employer is spending 20% of their time focusing on posting jobs then you ought to do the same.

Good Luck!  I hope to see you at the bank cashing your next paycheque.