My 1st Week at Back in Motion

I recently survived my 1st week at Back in Motion (BiM)!  I was so nervous my 1st day that I was “shaking like a dog”.  All kidding aside I wasn’t as nervous as that but I was excited to be at a new place, working with new people and learning new processes and procedures.

How did I survive my 1st day and my 1st week?  To be quite frank with you, I followed the advice that I so freely dispense to my clients.  As an experienced Employment Counsellor it is my job to help clients find gainful employment in Canada in their professions, whether they be doctors, accountants, engineers or teachers.  As they pass through each stage of an employers’ selection process, I coach them along and provide support.  However, I can’t be with them during their 1st day or week, hence my advice.

Tips for surviving your 1st Week at a New Job or Organization.


Be receptive to learning.  Even as an experienced worker, every job and organization has their own way of doing things.

  • Learn about the company
  • Learn about the job and receive training or shadow an experienced employee
  • Learn the policies (breaks, vacation) and procedures
  • Meet co-workers, introduce yourself, and begin the development of relationships
  • Work to understand the roles of various people in the work place. This helps identify the go-to person when you have concerns.
  • Take lots of good notes and review them in the evening

Take care of yourself.  Change can be stressful and can wreak havoc on your body, mind and soul.

  • You will be busy, so plan to get some extra rest and a really good sleep the night before
  • Keep your social calendar light for the week
  • Be patient and give yourself the time to learn the new job

It’s been about 8 weeks now and I SURVIVED, but I’m still continuing to learn.  Enjoy the process and the people around you.

Larry Jung