Tapping into your Talent; creating an online profile for employers to view!

The successful integration of immigrants into BC’s workforce helps to build BC’s economy. This is the mission of The Immigrant Employment Council of BC. Once a new immigrant is gainfully employed they immediately begin to contribute to our society and economy which in turn helps BC to prosper.

However, employers are busy and often do not have the time to pre-screen new Canadians to see if their qualifications, experience, proficiency in English and understanding of the Canadian workplace culture meet the requirements of the position needing to be filled. As a result, the more qualified candidate might sometimes be overlooked.

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC emerged from the 2008 Metro Vancouver Leaders’ Summit on Immigrant Employment. As a result many priorities were established including developing the tools, resources and information necessary to assist employers attract, hire and retain immigrants.

Strategies were then developed in order to engage employers and other key stakeholders proactively and strategically in the integration of immigrants into the labor market. These included:

  • Creating an environment of collaboration in the delivery of effective and innovative labor market integration programs for immigrants
  • Championing the labor market integration of immigrants
  • Providing a regional perspective in areas of federal, provincial and municipal policy and program development as it pertains to labor market integration of immigrants.

One of the key tools now available to immigrants through the Skills Connect program is a sophisticated database known as TalentMatchBC. This database is a web-based job matching tool of pre-screened, job-ready immigrant candidates. Talent Match makes it easy for employers to tap into immigrant talent: it is free, efficient and easy to use.

  • Some key reasons why employers will choose to benefit from the work the Immigrant Employment Council has put in motion  include:
    • In 2006, 40% of Metro Vancouverites were foreign born (so was 27.5% of BC’s total population).
    • 39% of Canadians were foreign-born or had at least one foreign-born parent in 2006.
    • By 2031, nearly one-half (46%) of Canadians aged 15 and over will be foreign-born, or would have at least one foreign-born parent.
    • Baby boomers — people born between 1945 and 1960 — are starting to retire, and there aren’t enough younger workers to replace them. As a result, economists are forecasting a severe labor shortage in Canada in the coming decades.

It is anticipated that by as soon as this year immigrants are expected to account for 100% of net labor force growth in Canada. But other industrialized nations with retiring baby boomers and low birth rates will also be competing for those well-educated immigrants with global expertise.

Companies that have already integrated immigrants into their labor pool will have significant competitive advantages over those who have not.

We would encourage clients of the Skills Connect program to enquire about Tap into Talent and to begin developing their profile on the TalentMatchBC database with the help of their Employment Counsellor for when they feel ready to be considered for employment by companies registered through this program.

Some of the benefits that Tap into Talent provides for Skills Connect clients include:

  • Clients can upload documents to their profile that can then be immediately available to prospective employers
    • Employers will be able to view the client’s profile including the resume
    • Employers who log into the site are open to diversity in the workplace
    • The client will receive assistance with their profile and resume by the TalentMatch staff as well as their Counsellor

For more information, contact your Skills Connect Employment Counsellor and we will be glad to explain further how Tap into Talent can help you.