The end of summer can lead to job opportunities!

Summer vacation is nearly half way over!  You have been running off your feet trying to keep the kids entertained and soon you are going to have to re-focus on your job search.

Here are 5 things to think about over the next few weeks.

1. Retail is Hiring!

This is a one of the busiest seasons in the retail sector.  As children head back to school, parents are buying school supplies, new clothes, computers etc.  Retail stores do a lot of hiring now in anticipation of this seasonal rise in sales, so if you are looking for a survival job or work in the retail sector take one day away from the kids and visit your local retailers with your resumes and cover letters.  They will be happy to see you.

2. Students are leaving their summer jobs and going back to school!

A number of businesses have hired summer students around the office and realize that they may need or want someone to:

  • Complete that task (so short term contracts may come up) or
  • Fill the position permanently

Be proactive; do you have a number of employers who you have regular contact with?  Time to drop by and let them know you are still available. The second week of August is a good time to contact them and see if they have any hiring needs.  (Of course you are doing that regularly anyways aren’t you?)

3. Hiring has been postponed due to summer vacations!

Towards the end of August and beginning of September, staff are getting back to their desks after summer vacation.  Hiring decisions have been put off until now because key people needed for hiring or training have been away.  It is time to get back to work for them as well as you!

4. Is it time to retool?

Classes are beginning in a few weeks.  Do you need to upgrade your skills to better prepare yourself for the job market or maybe just for fun and a way to meet more people.  Now is definitely the time to do it.  Besides regular schools, Continuing Education Programs through local school boards are being posted.  Be on the watch for flyers in your local newspapers and see what they offer. There are excellent classes, which often cost less than colleges and university offerings.

5. Educational institutions are hiring!

Colleges and universities will be looking for sessional instructors and support staff to help them with registration.  Your local Parks and Recreation board will be looking for staff to teach a variety of classes too.  Go to your municipal web page and look under careers for job opportunities.