The One-Stop Shop Approach
Aman S. Dhesi

Unemployment can be a frustrating experience for anyone. Luckily, for job-seekers in BC’s Lower Mainland, there are a wide range of provincial and federal employment assistance programs to help individuals get back on their feet and return to the labour market. However, the process of accessing some of these services can be an ordeal in itself due to some programs only being offered by specific service providers. This can make some employment services and programs inaccessible for job-seekers residing in a certain area. For example, someone living in Newton looking for a career exploration program that is only offered in Langley every other week of the month will likely not find it convenient.

If only there was a way to access services under one accessible location. This sentiment has been echoed by many job-seekers who are fed up of not having access to all the services they need. Well, it looks like the BC government has taken notice and after nearly two years of consultation and analysis, they will be implementing the new BC Employment Services program.

So what exactly is the new Employment Services program and how will it change the way programs are accessed? Starting in April 2012, the new program will provide all major employment services under one organization that will be responsible for the program. So what does this mean for BC job-seekers? Basically, it will mean access to a variety of services under one roof. Think of it as a single point of entry into employment and labour market services and supports. Rather than having to commute a significant distance to for different programs, everything will be conveniently accessible in one place. This includes all employment services for immigrants, youth, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal people and those with addictions.

Recently, the names of the successful proponents were announced and after a competitive bidding process, Back In Motion and its partners were selected as the chosen providers in five Lower Mainland cities – Richmond, Langley, Surrey Newton, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.

The successful bid for the Employment Service program builds on Back In Motion’s reputation and experience helping those facing barriers to employment. Known as the province’s leader in providing rehabilitation, disability prevention and employment services, the company has expanded significantly in recent years through building lasting relationships with other organizations in the community and developing a strong set of core values that resulted in a spot  in the “Best Workplace in Canada” ranking for three consecutive years.

“For nearly 20 years, we’ve provided specialized employer services to help British Columbians return to work,” says Brent Mulhall, Back In Motion’s director of business development. “We’re thrilled that we were selected to implement the new Employment Program in five communities where we have a long history of working with individuals and employers.”

Job-seekers throughout the Lower Mainland will be equally thrilled knowing that services and programs will be more readily accessible allowing them to become more independent and placing them on a path towards successful and sustainable employment. The process of landing a job can be a grueling one, however with Back In Motion providing the new Employment Program, it will make a major difference in facilitating the personal and professional growth of individuals throughout the Lower Mainland.