The Value of Interview Preparation

Steps for Preparation

1. Know Yourself: Identify personal & professional goals and qualifications

One must understand the ‘product’ being promoted and must have an accurate picture of themselves including:

  • Area of expertise (specialty, level, stature)
  • Background (education, experience, accomplishments
  • Added value (unique offerings)

2. Know your Target: Before every interview, you need to research:

  • The industry (career field)
  • The employer (company, products, culture, interviewer)
  • The job (objectives, responsibilities, requirements)

Research Guidelines

  • Conduct a simple “Google” search on the organization to read about general information and investigate the links
  • Examine competitor sites, which are valuable source of information for industry, statistics, facts & products
  • Review financial papers, which can provide insight into stability and future viability of the organization


Why Should I Hire You?

The Value Proposition

Sometimes called a “Career Brand” or “Sales Pitch” should comprise of 3 components:

The employer’s “Buying Motivators

  1. Generate revenue (increase sales, expand market share, augment profit
  2. Save money (enhance efficiency, boost productivity, improve cash flow)
  3. Solve a problem (reduce errors, eliminate downtime, increase retention)
  • What value do you bring to your potential employer?
  • How will the employer benefit from your abilities?
  • What bottom line results can you expect the employer to see?

The individual’s “Supporting Qualifications

  1. Area of expertise (skills, abilities, level, stature)
  2. Background (education, experience, credentials, accomplishments)
  • What experience and credentials do you bring to the table?
  • What skills, abilities, and expertise do you offer?

The individual’s “Added Value” – unique blend of individual image

  1. Supplementary value (unique offerings)
  2. Individuality (personality, style)
  • What special talents do you have that other applicants may not have?
  • How can I bring more to the job than expected?

Reference: Career Professionals of Canada