With Support of Skills Connect Success is Achieved

Mr. Arcenas has Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Transportation and in Economics from Philippines and has 9 years experience working in his field. He spent over 3 years working as an Ordinary Seaman on shipping lines in Greece. Later he became a Third Officer on a passenger vessel in Italy and on a marine car carrier in South Korea, a position which he held for almost 3 years. After that he accepted a position as a Second Officer and worked in South Korea and Japan for another 2 years. His expertise is in the navigating office. He was in charge of charts, navigation, route plans and navigating equipment maintenance. He is also skilled in emergency procedures and protocols and as well in cargo handling.

After his arrival to Canada, Mr. Arcenas contacted Transport Canada for assessment and registration. He was approved as a candidate for a position of a Watchekeeping Mate. He was recommended to take several courses at BCIT and a medical examination.

Mr. Arcenas secured employment as a forklift operator to support his family and started to work on Transport Canada requirements. As he was looking for preparatory courses, English upgrading courses and additional help with his job and career plans he found a Skills Connect brochure at a Vancouver Community College campus and contacted us for an info session. He was accepted into the program in December 2007 and started to learn job search techniques by attending some group and individual workshops.

Skills Connect assisted Mr. Arcenas with resume revision, helped him create his cover letter and provided Internet resources for job search. Through his job search Skills Connect supported Mr. Arcenas by following up with Transport Canada regarding their requirements, contacting employers for interviews feedback and setting up informational and job interviews with employers of his interest.

Mr. Arcenas received financial support from Skills Connect for his studies and exams. He was also going through very hard time personally and career wise and was seeking moral support and encouragement from his employment counselor throughout his participation in the program.

Eventually Skills Connect assisted Mr. Arcenas with informational interview at BC Ferries, which clarified the hiring process for him and therefore he could focus on this company as his first choice for employment. When BC Ferries opened their hiring season in February 2009, Skills Connect helped Mr. Arcenas to set up a job interview with their HR Manager and prepared him for it. He successfully secured employment as a Deck Officer, starting in March 2009. He was on probation for 6 month, which he passed in August and he successfully continues his employment.