Increased Job Finding Opportunities for Skilled Immigrants Back in Motion’s Skills Connect for Immigrants Program expanded

Increased Job Finding Opportunities for Skilled Immigrants Back in Motion’s Skills Connect for Immigrants Program expanded

VANCOUVER—After four years of running a successful career program for skilled Immigrants, Back in Motion has been given the nod to deliver a broader version of the Skills Connect program.

The Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development has expanded the scope and breadth of the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program (Skills Connect).

The program is designed to provide immigrants who are permanent residents of BC with opportunities to access the resources, support and know-how necessary to find paid employment in their field of expertise.

“It is great to see the BC Government continuing to take this necessary long-term view of the economy and our labour market needs,” says Brent Mulhall, Back in Motion’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives.

Skills Connect assists clients with skill assessment, career counseling and planning, foreign credential recognition, skill and language upgrading and workplace practice opportunities to provide them with valuable Canadian work experience.

“BC’s population is growing older, and a large number of baby boomers are moving into retirement,” Mulhall says. “When combined with a shortage of newcomers to the workforce, that means BC is not meeting replacement labour demands. Our economy and employers will be in real trouble in the future without new immigrant workers.

Since 2006, Back in Motion, in partnership with Multicultural Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities (MOSAIC), has provided the Skills Connect pilot program. They have worked with 800 clients, with about 80% finding employment in their field of expertise.

The expanded Skills Connect program focuses on all employment sectors: skilled and professional immigrants as well as lesser-skilled immigrants whom it is anticipated will help to mitigate the projected labour force challenges in the coming years.

“The Immigrant Employment Council of BC has recognized that there is a critical need to connect BC employers to the immigrant talent pool in order to grow businesses and the BC economy” says Kelly Pollack, Executive Director, Immigrant Employment Council of BC, a Vancouver Foundation initiative. “Skills Connect for Immigrants is a key connector program that links immigrants to the jobs they need and employers to skilled workers. It’s a win-win for everyone.”