All Other Sectors

The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program provides employment services to immigrants representing all employment sectors in B.C.

  • This means that immigrants with backgrounds in teaching, business and finance, IT, tourism, construction, transportation, mining, oil and gas, and health amongst other sectors, may be eligible for the program.
  • It also means those immigrants (and their professions) who formerly were excluded from services under the Health sector program, may now be eligible for the General program

The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program expansion also enables us to work with immigrants of all skill levels.

There is no doubt that the B.C. workforce needs immigrants. And we are increasingly dependent upon immigrants for population growth, and for their skills to help strengthen the community and fuel the economy.

Yet many hurdles exist!

If you are an immigrant in B.C., and are not working in your area of training and expertisyou are likely too familiar with experiences like:

  • Not working in the same occupational field as you did before coming to Canada
  • Doors being closed because you lack Canadian experience and may have difficulty transferring your credentials
  • A high level of skills and training not being recognized. Many immigrants have a foreign credential (more than a high school diploma).
  • Underemployment

Looking for work is ‘hard’ work with many barriers inherent in the systems, structures and culture of B.C. If you share experiences such as these, our Skills Connect for Immigrants Program can help you overcome obstacles related to an unfamiliar labour market, assist to navigate credentialing and professional college and association barriers, overcome language barriers and provide assistance to obtain the necessary skills critical in the Canadian workplace.

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