Healthcare Sector

The Skills Connect for Immigrants program—Health Sector, aims to assist as many clients as possible establish careers in their field within the Canadian Healthcare system. Our program will guide clients through an unfamiliar labour market, and navigate credentialing and professional college and association barriers. In addition, we can help to overcome language barriers and provide assistance to obtain the necessary skills critical in the Canadian workplace.

Our clients will:

  • work one-to-one with knowledgeable Employment Counsellors who provide assistance to upgrade client’s qualifications to practice in British Columbia
  • receive support in finding work and mentoring opportunities in a Canadian healthcare setting.
  • have access to financial support for skills upgrading activities
  • meet with other immigrant health professionals to form study and networking groups.

The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program for clients trained in health related occupations is a key component of Work BC, the provincial action plan to address skills shortages.

There are 12 professional categories supported by Skills Connect-Health:

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse
  2. Medical Laboratory Technologist
  3. Medical Radiation Technologist
  4. Midwife
  5. Occupational Therapist
  6. Pharmacist
  7. Physician
  8. Physiotherapist
  9. Registered Nurse
  10. Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  11. Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist
  12. Ultrasonographer

Health Minister George Abbott has this to say about Skills Connect-Health, “Internationally educated health professionals have much to offer British Columbia, making it easier and faster for qualified immigrants to work in British Columbia and will make the province a destination of choice and bolster our workforce.” (October 5, 2007)

Client Success Story

Mr. Peter M. immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. He arrived in Canada with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and professional experience as a Registered Nurse. His dream was to return to his career working in Canada.

Peter initially worked a number of different jobs but not in Nursing. He worked at a glass manufacturing company in the lower mainland. He also had a part time job at Burger King, making minimum wage. He worked hard to eventually increase his income by moving to a production job in a food processing company and later a surveyors assistant.

Through the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program, Peter finally received acceptance of his education and credentials which enabled him to gain work in his field under temporary registration. He eventually was successful securing a position with Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Will you be our next success story?

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