There is very much to be said for apprenticeships because it is one very great way to be able to learn alongside an expert or professional. Take the opportunity to grab an apprenticeship at a dentist office if you are thinking of a career in dentistry. Sally Jones stated that she learned more in the three month apprenticeship she completed with the electrician then she did studying her text books!

There used to be a time when the mainstream classroom at a school, college, or university was the order of the day. One had to physically attend class in order to receive a certificate, diploma, or degree. This has all changed and now a student can look forward to studying from the comfort of their home after a hard day's work.

When it comes to education, the landscape has certainly changed and continues to do so. Nowadays, one can learn at their leisure and pleasure. In a classroom, at home, while on the road, and even in a hotel room. There is formal learning, informal learning, vocational training, and distance learning. More opportunities and possibilities are certainly possible through this evolution and many can vouch for this style of learning and studying.

Europe is certainly leading the way when it comes to the development of informal vocational training; their EPANIL and CEDEFOP centres are strong evidence of this. For a practicing lawyer for example, it is much easier now to pursue other interests when it comes to career enhancements and it can all be done through the informal way.

Some people however still prefer the confines of a friendly classroom to pursue their education. Others prefer the hands on method; learning alongside a more experienced person while others prefer to go the long distance route. Convenience plays a big part in choice of method and cost along with length of time are also important factors. Many agencies would probably not be too picky when it comes to which method a person chooses.

No matter what, learning and education remain as two of the top pursuits of many. The yearn to learn is still very much alive and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Learning is for everyone; from the youngest to the oldest and it is not uncommon to see an over 70s person graduating these days.

So we may as well embrace it and enjoy it. Take advantage of it and benefit from it.

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