If you're thinking about becoming a teacher and you believe it's a career you want to pursue at some point down the line you're going to have to decide on a teaching method. Just like how you would if you decided you wanted to become a real estate agent and had to choose a broker to sell homes. Every teacher has their own preferred method of teaching and a lot of educational institutes allow teachers the freedom to teach their own way as long as they follow the school's guidelines.

During your time studying to become a teacher one style of teaching you will come across is structured learning through structured teaching, which is a very rigid and disciplined approach to teaching. The method of structured teaching is used in more traditional settings and works by applying teaching methods to students in a straight forward and direct manner, almost kind of like negotiating mortgage rates with a knowledgeable agent. Students are given instructions up front and are then expected to take those instructions in order to understand the lessons being taught to them through derivations, definitions and examples, whether they're being taught science or how to search for commercial properties.

There are some criticisms when it comes to structured teaching such as how it only allows students to be taught in a certain way and if they try to come at a problem differently than the way they were taught they will have a harder time adapting and coming up with an answer. Yet, structured teaching is still an effectual method of getting through to students because students gain strong learning skills that they can use in everyday situations such as choosing a condo they can afford. Structured learning environments focus on instructing students through a strict guided practice that then moves freely into collaborative learning and that which finally leads into independent tasks. As you can see a step-by-step approach is taken when it comes to structured teaching and learning.

The key of structured learning is making sure each student works their way through the steps of structured teaching. Students are taught in a structured manner, which they then take to work on projects or answering questions in a collaborative way until they are ready to learn on their own, be they questions about math or how diapers are made. Educators believe that structured learning works because students are vigorously taught how to solve problems in a step-by-step fashion that is easy to comprehend. Now that you know a little bit about structured learning and what it's all about you can decide whether or not it's a style of teaching you would like use. This page as well as others on our website were made possible through sponsorship. Example: pick your own fruit at Luna Farms

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